Green hydrogen - the energy of tomorrow

“This technology enables the stable and continuous development of renewable energy sources, which are by their very nature non-programmable. It allows electricity that is not needed within the system at that time to be collected in the form of pure compressed hydrogen during low demand periods and then returned to the system at peak times by converting the hydrogen in fuel cells into electricity.”

Wojciech A. Romaniszyn, CEO of the company E-Wind SA

Examples of green hydrogen applications are the following topics defined in the literature:

Power to Power

Power to Gaz

Power to Industry

Power to Fuel

Power to mobility

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Why green hydrogen?

  1. It is an essential and integral component of renewable energy sources (RES), which balances their operation and gives complete application, filling the entire market volume virtually.

  2. It is a crucial element of future carbon-free energy systems, which will soon be based on more than 60% renewable sources.

  3. It is the only technology currently available that allows long-term energy storage over weeks or even months

  4. It contributes significantly to the decarbonisation of the energy sector, particularly the heating, transport, and industry sectors, including through its decarbonisation.

  5. Provides the opportunity for cross-sectoral integration and the space to create many jobs in the global dimension of our planet.

Hydrogen is increasingly used in industrial sectors


Share of renewable energy sources in electricity and heat generation and transport


1 500 t
Estimated potential for green hydrogen production from our ongoing projects to ready-to-build (R2B) status
in 2022 - 2023


Do you have a wind power plant or a PV farm? Invest in green hydrogen!

Are you an investor of an existing or planned RES installation? Do you want to make financial optimisation using the energy produced in it at the most inefficient times to produce green hydrogen? E-Wind SA specialists will prepare an individual offer for you.

We are the first in Poland to develop and implement the concept of using green hydrogen as a systemic solution to store energy produced by RES-based generation during off-peak demand hours.

By working closely with our business partner, the world’s leading electrolyser company, the – Purification Equipment Research Institute of China (PERIC) US and European partners, we can conceptualise and support the construction of green hydrogen production plants, both on the scale of a few hundred kilowatts and of many tens of megawatts.


Did you know that?

  • Poland is the fifth largest producer of hydrogen in the world and one of the largest producers in Europe. It produces one megatonne of this element annually, which accounts for 14% of the demand for hydrogen in the EU.
  • The EU consumes over 325 TWh per year of hydrogen as a feedstock in industrial processes, primarily in the refining industry and in ammonia production.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the future and an opportunity for lower capital costs for long-distance transport trucks, buses, small vans, ships, trains and aircraft.
  • The estimated number of hydrogen cars in the world by 2030 is 2.5 million.
    Below you will find the opinions of our satisfied partners.

Below you will find the opinions of our satisfied partners

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